Diana Chaves-Pineda

Diana Chaves-Pineda has joined the Colombia Office as Administrative Associate and she is providing support with all operational activities related to events coordination (national and international), recruitment of staff and IC’s, travel assistance, daily administrative duties, among others. In addition, she provides training for the whole team in Colombia regarding procedures and effective ways to comply with GGGI rules and guidelines.

Diana has more than 9 years of experience in the coordination and logistics of all kinds of events and scientific field trips with environmental purposes. She previously worked at the Marine Program, and the Conservation Stewards Program, under Conservation International Colombia where she developed more than 60 events and several research field trips. Prior to this, she spent more than 4 years coordinating a national research study between the United States and the Dominican Republic for Washington University in Saint Louis (United States).

Diana holds a MA in Environmental Management and in Social Work. She has been involved in international work including an exchange to India & Nepal and possess a true passion for cultures and biodiversity of the world.