Lah Soukkaseum

Lah Soukkaseum is a Senior Associate with GGGI Laos, she is responsible for Green City Action Planning and support Monitoring and Evaluation work. Lah is also providing technical needs for the GCAP, coordinate with key government partners and relevant stakeholders as well as monitor and report ongoing project.

Previously, Lah has been working with NGOs and Lao government in the field of environment, social development, against human trafficking, disaster risk reduction, flood response in an emergency, education, health and design the material for minority group. She is passionate about gender inclusivity and social development. Accordingly, Lah established an initiative project called ‘Talampam’, a collaborative endeavor with artis and women from minority groups aims to preserve and promote traditional knowledge, minority culture, economic empower. She also works on strengthening social inclusion and support young women in building networks as well as develop their leadership skills.

Recently, Lah was awarded the Lower Mekong Initiative Outstanding Alumni Award from the U.S Department of State in helping with disaster relief efforts and empowering women in her community. Lah holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from the National University of Laos, soon she will be continuing her master’s degree in major of national sustainable development in the United States.