Papua New Guinea and the Green Climate Fund: Gender Mainstreaming Guideline for Project Implementers

At a Glance

Publication Date May 2020
Format pdf
Country Papua New Guinea
Thematic Area Cross Cutting

This Gender Mainstreaming Guideline focusses on how efforts to address to achieve gender inequality in climate change interventions can be achieved across the assessment, design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) stages of any climate change related activities. The guideline promotes inclusivity and participation and provides tangible advice and strategies to promote equal access, opportunities and benefits from climate change projects and programs (including policies) in PNG. Proper application of these guidelines will also result in activities and outcomes that reduce or eliminate gender disparities, power imbalances, and promote social and gender equality for sustainable development in the country. Whilst the focus of this guideline is on projects funded by GCF in PNG and is largely tied to the GCF process, the guideline can also be utilized to inform the development and implementation of any climate change or development project in PNG.