Guide to Green Entrepreneurship in Kiribati

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Publication Date December 2018
Format pdf
Countries Pacific, Kiribati
Thematic Area Cross Cutting

Kiribati, like many island nations, is under immediate threat from climate change and other environmental issues, and also faces challenges in creating good career opportunities for young people and others. In an effort to address these issues in Kiribati, as well as in Fiji and Vanuatu, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) embarked on a new program in 2018 known as Pacific Greenpreneurs. This program was designed to help prospective entrepreneurs develop green business ideas, and help them develop the skills they need to bring these ideas to fruition and make an impact on green growth in their country. GGGI believes that harnessing the energy of the young – and the “young at heart” – through private sector innovation is crucial to developing
strong, sustainable economies and addressing environmental issues. Kiribati has ambitious goals for the future, and will need all hands on deck to meet these goals through innovation, creativity, and hard work.

In Kiribati, the Greenpreneurs Jumpstart Your Green Business Workshop was held in October 2018, organized jointly with the Pacific Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Over twenty participants engaged with trainers and local business mentors to learn about trends in agriculture, waste, and low-impact tourism; requirements for starting a business in the country; and examples of existing successful green businesses in Kiribati and the Pacific region. This guide is based on the information covered in the workshop, and aims to assist other potential green entrepreneurs in developing new, innovative green business ideas that will help Kiribati meet its environmental and developmental goals and ensure a clean, prosperous
future for the country.

The guide includes an overview of green entrepreneurship, a discussion of the key sustainability issues in Kiribati and how they apply to businesses, a guide to developing your business model based on the Lean Startup model, a listing of specific steps that need to be taken to register and start a company in Kiribati, and links to additional resources specific to Kiribati.

To download the individual chapters of the Guide to Green Entrepreneurship in Kiribati separately, please use the following links:

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 What is Green Entrepreneurship

Chapter 3 Key Sustainability Principles

Chapter 4 Sustainability Across the Supply Chain

Chapter 5 Getting Started – The Lean Startup Model

Chapter 6 Setting up a Business in Kiribati

Chapter 7 Company and Employers Obligations

Chapter 8 Branding 101

Chapter 9 Top Tips and Advice


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