Green Growth Potential Assessment – Peru Country Report

At a Glance

Publication Date March 2016
Format pdf
Country Peru

GGPA is a rapid diagnostic tool that lays out the appropriate green growth interventions based on solid understanding of a country’s key development challenges in various green growth areas. The Peruvian government, through the Ministry of Environment (MINAM), requested that GGGI conduct the GGPA in Peru to utilize the findings as an input to the NGGS. The step-by-step process of GGPA application in Peru is as follows:

  1. Extensive desktop research was done to analyze the context and status of green growth in Peru using dashboard and diagnostic indicators (Nov. 2015 – Jan. 2016).
  2. A validation workshop was held involving 39 participants from various ministries; two rounds of surveys and four parallel discussion groups were carried out to validate the findings of the preliminary assessment (Feb. 4, 2016).
  3. With six issues prioritized and five most relevant sectors identified, expert interviews from more than 10 ministries were conducted to gain an in-depth understanding of the issue-sector linkages (Mar. 14-25, 2016).