Launch of the Green Growth National Action Plan 2021-2025

Amman, Jordan; July 6, 2020 — Today, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the Ministry of Environment of Jordan held a virtual launch ceremony for the Green Growth National Action Plan 2021-2025 (GG-NAP). Developed with the support of GGGI, the GG-NAP is a multi-sector implementation plan that will support Jordan’s economic growth objectives and climate change targets and build resilience to catastrophic events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since 2017, Jordan has made the establishment of green growth a top national priority. The GG-NAP was created to expand on Jordan’s climate and sustainable development ambitions by mainstreaming green growth, climate change, and sustainable development objectives into sectoral strategic frameworks. Sector-level action plans were developed for each of the priority green economy sectors: Agriculture, Energy, Tourism, Transport, Waste and Water.

“Jordan’s green growth vision – economic growth which is environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive – puts a strong emphasis on the importance of building resilience,” shared Dr. Saleh Al Kharabsheh, Minister of Environment of Jordan, in his opening remarks. “This is needed for our economy to be able to absorb external shocks such as the negative consequences of COVID-19, and the ability to restore itself and continue growing.”

The action plan represents an important step in Jordan’s transition to a green economy, strengthening cross-sector collaboration and emphasizing the importance of improving the enabling environment for green growth.

“Jordan has taken impressive action to protect its people in these unprecedented times. The Green Growth National Action Plan shows the clear commitment of the Government to its green growth vision and lays the foundation for a greener post-COVID-19 recovery,” said Dr. Frank Rijsberman, Director-General of GGGI. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Government of Jordan for the implementation of this important agenda.”

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